Thursday, September 23, 2010

Magic Number drops to 19!

Actually, it’s only 18 to clinch a spot over the Rays. But, since I can’t bring myself to cheer for the Yankees tonight, I’m sticking with the magic number against them. Plus, with two series left against the Yanks, it’ll be easier to drop the number faster.

See what I mean about people being able to perform great? There was nothing wrong with Lackey’s start last night. (I actually think he’s had a lot more good outings than people have been giving him credit for.) That’s actually been a pretty good string of top quality performances by the starters. If the bullpen hadn’t gotten in the way, it would have been quite a run by the Red Sox also-rans. It’s been that way all year. Great performances after great performances. But, there was always a stinker or two mixed in that ruined everything. I guess that’s what you have to expect from a team made up of bench players.

Really, that’s the incredible part of this all. The Sox have ten games left, and are sitting at 84 wins. They’ve been playing 0.553 baseball this season. Keep that up these last 10, and they have 90 wins. 90 wins. Really? 90 wins missing their leadoff hitter all year? 90 wins missing their MVP second baseman since June? 90 wins missing their 2-time all-star first baseman? Is it possible we’ve all been too busy obsessing over the division title, that we’ve been missing some pretty good baseball? Just because two of the few teams having a better season are in their division?

And it’s not over yet. The Sox have one last push to try to play more baseball in October. They catch a bit of a break in that they don’t face Sabathia this weekend. Frankly, the match-ups are in their favor. The Sox have swept plenty of series in the Bronx. Why not one more?

Let’s go Rays!

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