Sunday, September 12, 2010

Team Sets: 2009 Upper Deck Spectrum

Players Included: JD Drew, Jonathan Papelbon, Mike Lowell, Daisuke Matsuzaka, David Ortiz, Josh Beckett

Best Picture: Jonathan Papelbon. Not a lot of choices since the design of the set doesn’t focus on the pictures. But, here’s Papelbon getting ready to fire another one by an opposing batter.

Hall of Famers: None

Future Hall of Famers: Papelbon probably has the best shot. Some top talent with the rest of the group, but they probably all fall short.

Reason to Buy the Set: It’s a small set packed with talent.

Overall Reaction: Upper Deck went through a phase for a while where the more flash was on a card, the better. Personally, I think it distracts from the card. Of course, I hate buying pictures with the MLB hologram in the corner because it takes away from the feel of the picture. But, if you like pizzazz, this is your set. It’s spiffy, and certainly announces itself as you flip through the rest of your cards. But, more sizzle than steak.

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