Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What’s really frustrating is…

It shouldn’t be this hard. Clearly the 2010 Red Sox set up as a dominant team. They’ve been missing their leadoff hitter all season. Their number 2 and three hitters have joined him on the sidelines since the all-star break. Even with that, they’d be within two games of every division leader except their own. Missing those three guys, they’ve basically stayed status quo in their division for the last couple months. Add in those three? I don’t even want to know. Instead of working for a playoff spot, it certainly would be easier. Add in those three guys to last weekend’s Tampa series? Or any of the previous series? With Ellsbury, Pedroia, and Youkilis, do the Red Sox get four more wins in the last two months? One more win every two weeks? Four more wins would put them a mere three games back, even in the AL East. Instead, they head into the last month with a much smaller margin of error. If a couple of those four had been against the co-leaders, it’s even closer. So, the Sox have their work cut out for them. It just should have been easier.

The soon to come bombardment of “I told you so” is also frustrating. “I told you they were done in April.” “I told you they fell too far back.” “I told you!” They’ll ignore that the Sox were a half game back at the break (or so). They’ll ignore that the insurmountable April deficit was, in fact, erased. It’ll be easy for them.

And it’s frustrating.

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