Saturday, August 14, 2010

Team Set: 1988 Score

Players Included: Marty Barrett, Don Baylor, Todd Benzinger, Wade Boggs, Dennis Boyd, Ellis Burks, Roger Clemens, Steve Crawford, Pat Dodson, Dwight Evans, Rich Gedman, Mike Greenwell, Dave Henderson, Sam Horn, Bruce Hurst, John Marzano, Al Nipper, Spike Owen, Jody Reed, Jim Rice, Ed Romero, Kevin Romine, Joe Sambito, Calvin Schiraldi, Jeff Sellers, Bob Stanley, Marc Sullivan, Rob Woodward

Best Picture: Wade Boggs. It seems that there are lots of cards that feature Boggs with a ball in flight. Here’s a picture of something Boggs was well known for. He clearly looks to be fouling off yet another tough pitch. He’s brought his hands in to make contact. It’s a master at work.

Hall of Famers: Wade Boggs, Jim Rice

Future Hall of Famers: Roger Clemens

Reason to Buy the Set: Once again, the three stars lead the way. Add in Oil Can, Dewey, Steamer, Gator, and Hendu, and you have a great collection of Sox favorites. It’s also another team set that, back in the day, was stacked with rookies of the future stars of the team. It just doesn’t always work out that way.

Overall Reaction: This was Score’s first entry into the baseball card market. The colors certainly make a bold statement. If you’re going to use strong colors, it’s nice that they mix it up a bit. It prevents the set from looking stall in a binder. It’s a great player selection, on an attractive design. It’s a great set.

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