Monday, August 9, 2010

Delgado Decision

Another interesting move by young Theo. The signing of Carlos Delgado certainly poses some questions.

Not that I don’t agree with the move. It just opens a can of worms, is all. The Sox needed a first baseman after Youkilis went down. Theo went and got a first baseman. Case closed. But, why this particular first baseman? The Sox have three guys currently on their roster than can play first base. Mike Lowell, Victor Martinez, and David Ortiz. Theo could have easily decided that the three-headed monster those players create would be just fine for another month. Once the roster expands in September, he could bring up a youngster to help out even more. That would be a perfectly reasonable plan for a team that was simply playing out the string. The Sox would have an adequate rotation at first, which could get them through the schedule. After all the injuries, that could have been what happened.

But, it wasn’t. Theo went outside the organization to find a first baseman. I’m certainly not suggesting that he went out and got Albert Pujols or anything. But, Delgado has the potential to be the best first base option on the roster. Does this mean Theo thinks the Sox have a chance? Is he adding weapons for a push to the playoffs? That would be a welcome revelation. Is this the beginning of even more moves towards this goal? Did that depend on what happened with today’s game? This weekend’s series? I don’t know. We’ll just have to see.

Personally, I can’t wait. 


  1. He is just giving himself options, especially when it comes to 2011. Papi? Maybe gone. Lowell, gone. Varitek gone & Martinez back behind the plate.
    The Sox are 6 back of the Yankees right now, but the Yanks have the luxury of a cush schedule; of the next 15 Red Sox games, only 3 are against a bad team (Seattle Aug 23-25). The Yankees however, play 4 against KC, then 4 against the Tigers and 3 against the Mariners...I really see the Yanks pulling ahead and finishing up Aug with a double digit lead on the Sox. But we shall see...

  2. Options are good. (Although, I sometimes think Theo gets more excited about having options than just having a quality guy in the first place.)

    I do think that a healthy Sox team can make a run. Pedroia would be a huge lift.


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