Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Team Sets: 1990 Donruss

Players Included: Marty Barrett, Wade Boggs, Mike Boddicker, Oil Can Boyd, Ellis Burks, Rick Cerone, Roger Clemens, John Dopson, Nick Esasky, Dwight Evans, Wes Gardner, Rich Gedman, Mike Greenwell, Greg Harris, Danny Heep, Eric Hetzel, Dennis Lamp, Rob Murphy, Carlos Quintana, Jody Reed, Luis Rivera, Kevin Romine, Lee Smith, Mike Smithson

Best Picture: Nick Esasky. This picture is dripping with anticipation. Esasky’s in his crouch, ready to pounce at anything that is hit his way. It’s exactly the way it’s supposed to look before every pitch.
Hall of Famers: Wade Boggs
Future Hall of Famers: Roger Clemens
Reason the buy the set: I haven’t got a lot for you here. The set has the stars in Boggs and Clemens. Dwight Evans and Mike Greenwell were always favorites of mine. But, it’s not a key year, and there isn’t a key rookie to be found.
Overall Reaction: I appreciate that during the 80’s and 90’s the card companies were at least trying some creative designs. The white border with player name in a banner gets stale. Like the 1991 Fleer set, this is a love or hate design. The red (or is it orange?) border can’t be missed. I’m probably closer to the “hate” side of things, but at least they tried.


  1. I could do without that splashy "middle school folder" asteroid belt going behind the center of the pic, but overall I was okay with Don '90. I remember at the time the big hubbub about the all-star cards. They had a yellow star on the top, and sometimes one of the black lines would go THROUGH the star instead of behind it! If we can just get one of these, we can sell it for millions and never have to work! Not quite, as it turned out...

    Also, I loved Esasky. And as '89-'90 was when I finally broke from the Topps-only world, it was good to see cards shot at Fenway, which always seemed not to be a stop on the Topps photographers' route. (Unlike Shea, Yankee, Candlestick, Oakland Alameda County Coliseum....)

  2. That set was a quality control nightmare. Reversed negatives, wrong backs. For a company that had been around a while, it was pretty pathetic. Of course, nowdays they'd just call the mistakes "SP's" and everyone would be thrilled.


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