Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The New Media Guide’s Here! The New Media Guide’s Here!

And I’m not in it!

Opening weekend started out in a grand fashion here at Section 36 headquarters. Friday brought the arrival of the 2010 Red Sox Media Guide! This book always marks the arrival of the baseball season. It’s a chance to connect with every member of the team. It’s a chance to learn about the new guys, and remember things about the old favorites. As always, there are some great pieces of information to be found. Some of my favorites from this year’s edition include:

Adrian Beltre leads all active third basemen in putouts.

Mike Cameron has four children: T’aja, Lillo, Dazmon, and Mekhi.

Daisuke Matsuzaka is 6-0 lifetime, with a 1.95 ERA in the WBC.

Ramon Ramirez is 6’-0”, 190 lbs. Ramon A Ramirez, is 5’-11”, 190 lbs.

Marco Scutaro’s last name is pronounced scoot-UH-row

Tim Wakefield attended the unveiling of Red Sox memorabilia at the Smithsonian

Jorge Sosa wore #36 as a non-roster invitee to Spring Training in 2010.

This year’s edition of the media guide is about 100 pages thinner than last year’s version. I have to wonder which information they decided to eliminate.

Jason Bay’s entry wasn’t that long.

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