Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Championships Cost Money

Especially if your favorite team keeps winning them.

If you've read this blog for more than a post or two, you know I'm a collector. Delicately balancing that line between collector and hoarder. Naturally, one of the best little segments of collecting is World Championship merchandise and memorabilia.

When you're first exposed to that segment of collections, it's a bit of surprise. Suddenly the Red Sox win the World Series, and the flood of choices comes pouring out. And some of them are under a time constraint. If you want a newspaper, you need to get it that next day. Probably even the next morning. If you want a magazine, you might get a week to think about it. Other choices will sell out quickly, so you better know what you want.

When the Sox won in 2004, I talked to a Yankees fan. I asked him what he bought to celebrate the 1996 Yankees championship. He responded with a World Series hat, and a picture of the pig pile celebration. I thought those were pretty good choices. Of course, I added a few of my own selections on top of that. I think I ended up with a nice selection.

Since then (and even a bit before then) I've gotten plenty of practice when it comes to championship purchases. There are DVDs. And baseball card sets. And autographs. And on and on.

So, when we came to the 2018 World Championship, I was almost a pro at it. Grab the newspaper first thing in the morning. Be sure to get an extra early edition with the funny incomplete headline. Get the Sports Illustrated for the week. Get the commemorative Sports Illustrated. Wait for the DVD and order it. Grab a parade shirt. Grab the can of Coke. Grab a ToppsNOW card.


Which can be expensive as a Boston fan and you have to do this for at least one of your favorite teams every couple of years. I have to forgo the hat purchases because I wasn't wearing out the old one fast enough. I only buy the parade/locker room shirts I really like. Otherwise, I'll go broke.

Oh, the troubles with being a Boston fan.

What about you? What is on your "must buy" championship item list? What have you stopped buying?

Assuming you still have money left.


  1. I grabbed the Topps now cards for the whole postseason run.( over 50 cards)Grabbed the SI and one other mag. Was gifted a hat. Will get the DVD. Got a signed Cora Ball. I picked up the TShirt Cora wore representing Puerto Rico at the post game press conference

  2. Much the same, but I get more DVD's. The season summary ones by MLB and NESN, and the World Series complete games set.


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