Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Three! Three! Three!

There was a Mad About You episode where Paul is making a documentary about the workers who lower the ball in Times Square on New Year's Eve. So, he was on the roof filming the two guys lowering the rope. As he directs them to get a better shot, the ropes get tanged, and the ball gets stuck. It stops dropping. In an unexplained plot twist, this means time stands still. It doesn't get closer to the new year. The crowd that had been counting down the seconds simply keeps repeating the number they were on when the ball got stuck.




That's how I feel right now with the Red Sox. It's like we were cruising right along towards the end of the regular season. The magic number kept dropping, and we kept counting it down.


Then the ball got stuck.

Of course, we'll get unstuck soon. Hopefully tonight. Because, it's going to happen. I find the people who are concerned amusing. Or,  I would if they weren't so annoying. I actually had someone tell me today they were in a tailspin. They were sinking while the Yankees were flying up to catch them. And, yes, the Yankees are playing well. They have a 7-3 record over their last ten games. On the other hand, in their last ten games the Red Sox have limped along to a...7-3 record. Oh. It's the same. So, the Red Sox have actually kept pace with the Yankees as they both have been playing well.


So, the Red Sox will win again, and the Yankees will lose again. Really the only pressure is just to do it as soon as possible. Players need as much rest as they can get. 

Which is why I wouldn't mind dropping a couple games off the magic number tonight. Get it much more manageable sooner rather than later.

Because it feels like time is standing still.

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