Monday, September 18, 2017

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge: Day #23

Tony, the wonderful writer of the “Off Hiatus Baseball” blog, started a fun activity based off the “30-Day Music Challenge” that Twitter users were taking. The list of challenges looks like this:

Today, we’ll continue with Challenge #23: A favorite oddball card from the 1950's.

I knew this one was going to be tough. After all, as I mentioned before, my collection isn't exactly full of cards from the 1950's. So, when there are only a handful (if that many) available to choose from, finding an oddball is a bit tricky. So, I decided to go with a card that, when you think about it, is pretty odd.

I mean, imagine being a kid in 1951. You were used to cards basically being the same sort of thing. A painting of a baseball player, portrait usually, within a simple border. Maybe the name would be on the front. It was like that during the 40's, whether it was Leaf or Bowman, or even Playball making the cards. The 1950 Bowman set certainly followed that design.

Then, along came this new issue from this "Topps" company. What on earth was this? It wasn't even really a card...was it? Is it a game piece? Even today, with the prestige awarded the 1952 Topps set, the 1951 set is destined to be a little bit...


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