Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I Guess St. Louis Really is Hospitible

The Red Sox put together one of their more complete games last night. They scored in multiple innings. They played solid defense. The got home runs from a couple people. They got good pitching. Not sure there's much more that you can ask for.

Not sure anyone should be surprised, either. This is what the team is. Very solid, and capable of winning every game they play. So, why all the angst about their record?

Because people are looking for faults. Yes, the team wasn't hitting. Heck, it still might not be game does not a turnaround make. But, people seem to forget how things work. 

For one thing, hitters don't do as well in the cold. It's been cold. Hitters are also streaky, as much a people hate that. For some reason people think other teams do the same thing every day. A .600 club wins six out of every ten game stretch. They think the statistics work out exactly for every sample size. In reality, that's not how numbers work. If you're a .600 team, you'll win eight of ten, then only four of ten. A .300 hitter might go 0-15. It's not that they're too "streaky" or that they can't hit good pitching. It's just how it goes. Some games you hit, some games you don't. In the end, it all works out the be where it should be.

So, games like last night aren't a turnaround. They're just exactly what should happen from a good team.

They played a good game, and won.

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