Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Does this Mean we can Keep John Farrell?

After all, if losing a couple games in a row is reason to call for his firing, winning a couple in a row should definitely call off the dogs.


Whenever people say the manager needs to be fired, I always wonder what they think the manager does…and how it changes.

So, Farrell comes to the team a few years ago, and leads the team to a World Championship. The next year? A last place finish. Last year, the Sox won a division title under Farrell. So, are we to assume he knew how to manage one year. Then forgot everything. Then sort of remembered. Then remembered it all. Now is kinda not sure again? Is that what happened. When he won the series in 2013, did he forget to write “make all the right moves” in a book somewhere? Did he wander through 2014 thinking is might be a good idea to bat David Ortiz last in the order? Is he not sure whether to start Chris Sale?

No. He’s still making all the moves just like always. They players just produce different results each time.

Because, really, what is the manager responsible for? Does he have any control over the number of home runs Xander Bogaerts hits? Or Rick Porcello gives up? When Andrew Benintendi goes hitless, is that because of something the manager did? Is he doing anything to Craig Kimbrel to make him pitch differently this season than he did last season? Did he grab and twist Panda’s shoulder?

Of course not. He didn’t do any of that.

Farrell sets the line-up. A job that is much less important than people seem to think it is. Most people can put together a reasonable order of players, and slight variations don't affect it much.

He decides on a starting rotation. Does anyone have any issues with the pitchers he's chosen this season?

He calls on the bullpen. Now, this one does take some thought. Who to use when. Who needs rest? Who need work? Who can i trust. But, other than the "bring in the good guy..." complaints, not sure I can squabble over anything he's done. Every decision at least had a defendable reason behind it.

So, no, he doesn't get much credit for the last two wins. Just like he doesn't get the blame for the losses before that. The Sox aren't where they want to be right now. They also don't have everyone they want to have. Things will smooth out soon, and they'll hit their stride.

And we can go back to under-appreciating the manger again.

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