Wednesday, May 10, 2017

From the Pedro Binder

2000 Skybox Dominion Double Play

If I was another card company in 2000, I'd be annoyed with this set. Skybox basically took ownership on the name "double play" for an insert set, and completely blew it. Now Topps can't name an insert set "double play" and make it a clever reference to, I don;t know, a double play? Or, someone turns a double play? Or, maybe two of something?

But, no. Here we have one pitcher throwing a ball. Maybe he's trying to induce a double play? That's probably a stretch. Besides, it's Pedro. What are the odds there was a man on base when this picture was taken?

It immediately leaves me with a sour, uninspired taste in my mouth. They clearly just wanted more cards with Pedro on them, and grabbed whatever random baseball sounding term they could to name the set.

The card itself? Pretty standard. Pedro, with some crazy graphics behind him. They did make the logo for "double play" that dp thing where each letter looks like the other. Not exactly the connection I was looking for.

What a disappointment.

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