Monday, January 12, 2015

What do you Collect?

I’ve brought it up before. But, sometimes I feel guilty holding onto certain cards. A numbered parallel of a Diamondbacks player, for instance. I always imagine that there must be someone who can give a card like that a better home than I can. (Which, it turns out, there was.)

I feel even guiltier during my  annual purge of cards that have been in my collection the maximum ten years. There are certainly people who can give them a better home than handing them out at random, or simply throwing them out. (I know, see?)

The problem that arrives is how to know what else to do with them. Sure, I know where to send the Phillies cards that would otherwise be part of the purge. But, I don’t have a similar location for the other teams out there. I know what to do if I come across a Tim Wallach card. But, have no idea what to do if I pull a 1/1 parallel of the back-up Marlins catcher. Surely all of these other cards must have places to go. I just can’t seem to recall those locations when I need them. Who collects team USA again? Who’s that Royals collector?

So, after toying with the idea, I’ve decided to finally make a list. Who knows, maybe I’ll even make it a page on the blog so I always have it at the ready. I want to make a list of what other people collect so I can quickly look and see before I do the wrong thing with a card.

So, I need your help. I need you to tell me what you collect, so I can add it to the list. You know, the “If you ever get any of these, keep me in mind” sort of collections. Not, “Here’s my wantlist of 2012 Topps base cards”. For instance, I would say something like “Pedro Martinez cards, Red Sox’Topps family’ cards, other Red Sox cards…in that order.”

Sure, I could just visit every blog on my roll, and put the list together myself. But, there are two issues with that. First, it makes me do all the work. That’s much less fun for me. Plus, I like the idea of rewarding people who actually read the blog. At some point I probably will add all the other blogs to the list, but the readers who play along first would get some sort of priority.

So, leave a comment andlet me know what you collect. No promises that I do, or ever will, have something that interests you. But, at least I’ll be able to say to someone “I have a bunch of 2005 UD Mariners cards. Are you interested, before I threw them out?” or “I just pulled a Brandon Belt numbered to 25…interested?” Maybe something comes of it, maybe not. But, I like the idea of having a place to start. And don't worry about duplicating collecting goals with a previous comment. Maybe I'll have enough Rays cards to split. 

Let me know!


  1. Do you have any Yanks for trade?

  2. Texas Rangers
    Catchers in their gear
    Plays at the Plate of course
    Team USA stuff
    A few catchers specifically:
    Ivan Rodriguez, Johnny Bench, Joe Mauer and Carlton Fisk
    Will Clark

    Its seems like a lot when you right it out...

  3. Angels
    Fleer Logo Stickers
    Sets: 2008 UD X
    2008 UD Timeline
    2006 Fleer Tradition
    2009 UD
    2012 Bowman Platinum

  4. 1. Barry Larkin
    2. Allen & Ginter (everything: base, minis, relics, autos, crazy stuff, etc.)
    3. LEGO (just because)
    4. Cincinnati Reds

  5. I collect Phillies cards . . . although you probably already knew that.

    The junior collector in my house (Doug) collects Phillies, Shane Victorino, Mike Trout and cards with mascots.


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