Thursday, January 15, 2015

Three Weeks!

Three weeks isn’t a lot of time.

You can’t earn a college degree in three weeks. You can’t play a baseball season in three weeks. You probably can’t even write the great American novel in three weeks.

But, in three weeks you still have time to enter the 2014Section 36 Scavenger Hunt!

You just need to get a move on, that’s all.

I keep telling you that it’s easy to do, and I still mean it. There are any number of items that just about everyone should be able to find in almost no time at all. Only a few of them may take the kind of effort and scheduling luck to take the rest of the three weeks.

If you can’t find five items in less than a half an hour, I question your fanhood. You can probably knock off five or ten more with a standard trip to your local shopping mall. They won’t even be hard.

What else are you going to do with your cold winter weekends?

So, look around your house!  Look around your office! Look around during your next shopping trip! Get those items found!

There’s only three weeks left!

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