Monday, January 5, 2015

One Month! That’s it!

Ok. The Holiday Season is over. We’ve all welcomed the new year, and are ready to get 2015 rolling.  What better way to start the year off right than to work on that entry for the 2014 Section 36 scavenger hunt? Forget what the items are that you need to look for? Just check out the side of this here blog. There’s a link to the list right there.

I’ve mentioned before that some of the items are really easy, just to get you started. Just by reading this post, I know you’ve found at least one of the items.

The homemade shirt? I bet you can do that. Does it say “Really well done and artfully illustrated”? No, it does not. So, give it a shot. There’s one more item for you with very little effort.

Once you get those down, it should be easy to get the ball rolling from there. Do you have a collection of World Series items? There’s probably an item in there. Do you post every second of your life to Instagram? If you’ve been to Fenway, there’s a good chance an item or two is already captured on film.

Most of all, have fun with it. Look around the house. Look around the mall. Look around while you’re out with friends. Just don’t look around too long.

There’s only a month left!

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