Monday, June 2, 2014

That Answers That

I guess I have an answer to my previous question.

Obviously, the Sox weren’t as bad as the ten-game losing streak would suggest. Nor do I imagine there’s as good as a seven-game winning streak would suggest. But, it certainly changes the conversations.

After all, they’re still leaving runners on base. It’s still a function of the fact that they’re getting runners on base. We just don’t mind so much because they’re driving more of the runners home first. The pitchers are also giving up runs. But, they happen to be doing it in amounts that don’t exceed the number the Sox score. It’s all falling together nicely.

What does the future hold? For this week, for instance?

We’ll have to see

I like what the winning streak will do for the confidence levels of the team. Think Bogaerts will worry if he goes 0-3 tonight? Not when he can look back on the tear he’s been on over the last week or so.

The other thing that the winning streak did was get everyone past the injuries a little bit more. Victorino and Napoli have been able to heal without costing the team victories.

Losing also affects things like the bullpen. Naturally, during the losing streak, they were worked a little harder than they were over the last ten games. So, even possessing the knowledge that the Sox will, in fact, lose a game at some point, I feel that they’re in a better position than they were.

I wonder how long the ride will be.

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