Sunday, June 8, 2014

Do Players Have to Answer to their Wives when they get Fined?

I think about weird things sometimes.

Take Brandon Workman. I actually don’t think he’s married. But, what if he was. Can you imagine the discussion when he gets home after being fined?

“I was fined today”


“Someone was mean to David.”

“So you got fined? And Mr. Moneybags didn’t?”


“He damn well better be sending you a big check as a thank you!”

Now, I know that the monetary scales are off a bit. But, it’s still a chunk of change right? Even if it’s the equivalent of someone making $50 grand a year being fined $50, isn’t that a big fine for something stupid?

Jonathan Papelbon was once fined $10 grand or so because he didn’t get from the bullpen to the mound quickly enough. A delay of game sort of thing. He had to go home and tell Ashley that. Was she ticked?

Can you imagine coming home from work and telling your wife you were fined $50 because you walked too slow when you were called somewhere?

What would the reaction be?

Even if they make so much money that the fine’s not exactly taking food off the table. It’s costing something, right? A new sweater? New car? Extra vacation?

Isn’t that annoying to them?

Especially for a young kid like Workman?

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  1. I read somewhere that when a pitcher gets fined for sticking up for the team, the team unofficially gets together and pays the guy back for the fine.

    Papelbon's fine though would have been all his own.


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