Sunday, June 15, 2014

From the Pedro Binder

2000 Pacific Crown Collection

Boy, there’s a lot to like about this card.

There are two things I like about the Pacific logo. I know, weird place to start. But, see where it is? Tucked into the corner? It almost gets lost in the crowd. Just like a logo is supposed to. I also like that they put the year in the logo. Let’s be honest, in the 80’s or 90’ you could probably name the year and brand of a card on first glance. By the time 2000 came along, there was no chance. Which one of the 36 million sets issued is this from? I’d have no idea if they didn’t tell me. Point for them.

The rest of the important information is also tucked out of the way. Pedro’s name and team are on the bottom, in some dead space in the picture. Perfect. I’d like to see his position listed, but I can’t have everything. They managed to add some design elements to the card as well. Sure, wavy lines, arrows, and shading aren’t exactly innovative. But they add some visual interest, without distracting from the picture.

And, what about the picture? It’s great. It’s a different shot for Pedro, which is always a treat. Sure, he’s throwing a ball. But, he’s throwing the ball to first. That mixes it up just enough to get me to notice. They even got the ball in flight, which is great. The fact that the designs don’t obstruct Pedro make this a borderline perfect picture.

What a great effort.

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