Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sizing Up Sizemore

The Red Sox outfield hasn’t been performing well lately.

To be kind.

There are arguments as to whether it’s the worst outfield in ten years, or fifty years. Some of that is due to injury. Some of that is due to underperforming. And, some of that is due to Grady Sizemore.

Since the Sox signed him, he’s been a question mark. Could he be healthy? Could he still play? Could he contribute? Could he help the team? So many questions.

When do we need the answers?

At what point do the Sox decide that he’s just another player hitting .220, and not formerly one of the best players in the game? Many people have pointed out that if the names were erased, he’d be the one who had to spend time in Pawtucket, not Nava.

Can you erase the names?

Probably not. All things being equal, don’t you have to give the guy who’s shown the ability to do it before the chance to do it again? Yes, I know that Nava had a great season last year. But, Sizemore had several elite seasons before. What the Sox need to do is decide if he can do it again.

Is he still hurt? Doesn’t look like it. Although, they know better than I. Is he rusty? I’m sure he is. I bet those first few weeks were just luck, or the fact that he saw a lot of fastballs in spring training. Or, something along those lines. Can someone come back from 2 years off to regain their form? Why not? People come back after missing a year all the time. Look at John Lackey. Sure Sizemore’s older than he used to be. But, he’s not old. He’s only 31, which is still in his prime. This isn’t Manny trying to come back after a year off. If he’s healthy, he should be able to return to some resemblance if his old self.

If the Sox can wait for it.

Right now, they don’t have much choice. It’s not like they’re benching an all-star waiting for the real Grady to show up. All the outfielders are playing terribly right now. Might as well keep trying Sizemore to see if it all clicks. Because if it does, it will be completely worth the wait.

Especially since there’s no real downside at the moment.

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