Monday, June 23, 2014

36 Pix

Those of you who are very astute may have noticed a change to the Pages on the top of this here blog. Ok. Those of you who are very very astute. The "Pix from 36" page has been replaced by the "36 Pix" page.

"So what?" you might say. "You changed the title of a page. You're turning that into its own post now? How pathetic."

You may be right.

But, this is more than a  change in a page title. It's a whole reorganization. It's one I didn't want to do. I had been holding out doing it as long as I could. But, I couldn't do it any more. I just had too many pictures.

What a glorious problem to have!

See, I put all the pix on a single page. Even after only picking the best ones from each person who sent them in, I had quite a few. It was taking quite a long time to scroll through them all. That was annoying. So, I had to split them up.

Unfortunately, the best way to do that was to make a few categories, and give each category its own page. Those pages can be accessed from the main "36 Pix" page you see above you. Like I said, I didn't like it. It's an extra click before you get to the good stuff. That always felt like a "hit grab" on my end. But, like I said, I had no choice.

So, which categories did I pick? Glad you asked. Here they are, along with some of the latest examples submitted.

Pix in 36 will show pictures people took of themselves in Section 36 itself. You know, like these:

Pix With 36 will show people taking their pictures in other parts of the park, but posing with Section 36 behind them. Like these:

Rather Be in 36 Pix will show people taking their picture with a "I'd Rather Be In Section 36" sign, to voice their displeasure with being stuck somewhere else. Like these:

Pix of 36 will show pictures people took of Section 36 itself, whether they were in Section 36 at the time, or not. Like these:

Finally, Pix From 36 will show pictures people have taken of different parts of the park, while in Section 36. Like these:

So, I hope the reorganization will assist everyone in more easily enjoying all the great pictures that have been submitted. And, please keep sending it your pictures!

Like I said, it was a great problem to have!

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