Monday, October 21, 2013

Image Question

I finally got to check one of the biggest items off my list. After being at Fenway to watch the Yankees
celebrate an AL East title, the Indians celebrate an ALDS championship, and the Yankees celebrate an AL championship, I finally got to see the Red Sox clinch something.

It was, of course, outstanding.

It did leave me with one problem, though. When I’ve been lucky enough to witness a big playoff game, I like to grab an 8x10 for the wall of the key image of that game. David Ortiz with his arm extended after homering in 2004 ALCS game four. Jonathan Papelbon pumping his fist after saving 2007 WS game two. Saturday’s game left me with two images that help define the game and the series to me.

-Shane Victorino leaping in absolute jubilation as he rounded first base after his grand slam.

-Prince Fielder lying face down on the third base line after his “dive” for the bag came up 5 feet short.

Which picture would you hang on your wall? Although, I suppose, only one of those images has had me singing “Three Little Birds” non-stop for two days.

That also helps point out the best part of clinching on Saturday. You get an extra day to bask in the glow! And I’ve been doing a lot of basking the last day or so. Maybe it’s because I’m so sleep-deprived. Maybe it’s because that song is just so darn catchy. But, it’s been a pretty enjoyable weekend.

Just look at how that game turned out on Saturday. You had the pitcher’s battle to start the game. Things were so tense that the park absolutely erupted when Pedroia hit a foul ball. Then after the Tigers took the lead, there was the brief period of dreading a game seven, and Verlander. That was put to rest by Victorino. I don’t think I sat down after that homer…for the rest of the game. Once there was that three run lead, I don’t think anyone thought the bullpen would blow it. I’ve always said that Koji’s pitching style has never given me that complete confidence. It was easier to convince myself that Papelbon’s fastball was just too filthy for the other team to do something with that it is to convince myself that Koji’s splitter is tricky enough to fool the other team. But, on Saturday night you could feel it. It was just a matter of counting down. It was time to party. All we have to do it wait for Wednesday night.

And to decide which picture to hang on the wall.


  1. Me, I wouldn't put a picture of Princes big ass on my wall.

  2. Technically - neither. :)

    BUT - if the Sox were white, I would go with Victorino. I think, years later, you would question why you picked Fielder lying in the dust. A guy jacking a grand salami? That's forever.


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