Thursday, October 31, 2013

How Full is Your Bucket?

Because, mine is completely overfloweth.

I recently referenced a post I made with a bucket list of sorts for the Red Sox fans. Things it would be cool to be at Fenway to see live. Of the 36 things on the list, the one that gnawed at me was a clinching victory. I didn't have one of those yet. Well, to be honest, I didn't have one by the Red Sox yet. As I mentioned a little bit ago, I had seen three other teams clinch something...including the Yankees twice. But, I had been dying to see the Red Sox pile on top of each other in the middle of the diamond. This event was one of the trickier items on the list. If you want to see a playoff game, you just need to buy a playoff ticket. If you want to see a ring ceremony, buy a ticket to next year's home opener. It's assured. You have the ticket, so you'll be able to cross it off the list. The clincher is a little bit trickier. You don't know when those will be, or even if they'll be. Sure, you can increase your chances. If you're buying a playoff ticket, get a game later in the series. Or buy lots of tickets for September. But, you can still miss the exact game they decide to clinch. I've actually gone to a game immediately before or after a clincher. But, it hadn't happened yet. Until this year's ALCS that is. Thanks to Victorino and his three little birds, I finally crossed that item off the list.

Last night, it was crossed off with a big bold marker.

My bucket overfloweth.

What an experience. To watch the Red Sox pile up as World Champions was something I never even dared think about. After all, what are the odds of it even happening, let alone being there for it. I'm definitely going to have to rethink a few items on another one of my lists.

I don't think I've been to another game quite like that one. Which makes sense, since there hasn't been one like that for me to go to in almost 100 years.I remember thinking that the fans seemed oddly confident. Maybe it was just hope spilling into bravado. Whatever the cause, you could feel it. Sitting in your seats was optional, but frowned upon. I think I actually used my seat for maybe three innings, total. Every out was cheered as if it were a game winner. Every run was savored. Everything that moved us all closer to the goal was celebrated.

I remember the feeling in the ninth inning of Derek Lowe's no-hitter. I had chills knowing that I could witness something very special. This was just like that, but it lasted nine innings. And there was no fear of a base hit ruing it.

That was the best part. Once the Sox decided to score three runs in back-to-back innings, the pressure was off. Sure, it got tight there at the end with a few more base runners than we'd have liked. But, even that would have only made the game closer. It wasn't it doubt. It was just anticipation.

Until it was released.

Then all hell broke loose. Everything that had been barely contained all night was let loose. Those physical issues I mentioned yesterday? They were gone. It was all jubilation!

Every little thing was alright.


  1. Congrats. Closest I have come is being at a game when they clinched the division back in the 90s. 1995?

  2. Read the blog while watching the rolling rally on NESN. Life is good. Can't think of a better game in Boston history to see live.


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