Friday, October 11, 2013

I Love Tigers

I mean, what's not to like about them. Strong. Powerful. The biggest cats in the world, and the only animals that actually consider humans prey. Spectacular.

Of course, I'll put those feelings aside while we're talking about the Tigers from Detroit.

How do I feel about the match-up? Not sure yet. I thought I would have preferred to face the A's. But, I always wondered if I only thought that because I didn't exactly see many games in Oakland. Besides, Detroit has the star power. Verlander. Fielder. Cabrera. How can you not fear that?

On the other hand, the Sox won four more games than the Tigers this year. Despite the obvious star power. And, despite the fact that the Tigers had both the Twins and White Sox in their division. So, that has to mean something. Right? Or the fact that the Sox scored 20 the last time these teams faced each other?

The difference might very well be the home field advantage that the Sox were able to grab. Obviously, that's a direct help to the Sox in the ALCS. Home games are generally better than not. But, the secondary effects are also sitting there. That advantage definitely helped the Sox get rid of the Rays quickly. By doing that, they didn't have to play the game last night. The Tigers, on the other hand, had to use Verlander. That gives the Sox a couple games where they don't need to see him. The other beautiful thing is that the game last night was out it Oakland. So, because it's a Sox home game, the Tigers need to come all the way across the country to Boston, as opposed to Detroit. While it's not the same as having to fly over from japan or anything (especially with the off-day today) I'd definitely rather be the Sox sitting and waiting. So, while we all know that the games this weekend aren't "must wins." They represent the games with the advantage tilted towards the Sox the most.

Can't wait to see how it all plays out. Is Cabrera healthy? Will Buchholz be back to form? How many runs will Iglesias take away? Can Peavy continue his dominance? It's going to be crazy around here.

Try to get some rest today.

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