Sunday, May 26, 2013

It’s 1970 Again

Today we get to take a longer look at some of the cards that were in the box of cards from my neighbor. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, take a look here. I’ll start out with the 1970 Topps cards. There was a sizable chunk from that set, with some neat stuff in it. Let’s see some of what was it there, shall we?

Checklists. Lots of checklists. Nine of them were unmarked, which was cool. Too bad series three was apparently ignored. I like the used checklists a lot too. These are really colorful. I especially like how the one in the middle has the player’s jersey colored in red.

I’ve heard of this guy. Heard way too much of this guy.

A nice reminder for Mets fans. I like the way Topps started off the set with this card.

Maybe Jim can give me some background on Lowell Palmer. Is he, in fact, the coolest cat in baseball?

Buckner. Buckner.

A couple big contributors to those great A’s teams.

A Hall of Fame manager

And, another one. I’m not a Reds fan. But, I’m guessing the Reds didn’t wear uniforms looking anything like that in 1970. I wonder what uniform he is wearing in the original photo, and why couldn’t they at least airbrush it red?

 I love cards with multiple Hall of Famers on it.

How often do you think Lee May shows this card to people?

Look, a Red Sox player!

 The past, and the future all on one card.

A couple guys who could really hit.

Best of all, lots of Red Sox!

Oddly, the single player stars didn’t want to make an appearance. The only single player base card of a Hall of Famer in the box was Billy Williams. Makes you wonder how that happened. Were they traded away long ago? Was it absolutely terrible luck? Weird. While nothing in the 1970 portion of the box made me stand up and take notice, it was still a lot of fun to flip through them all. Like going back in time.

I wonder what the rest of the box holds. 


  1. I always thought Lowell Palmer was cool!

    Here's a little more on his 1970 Topps card:

  2. Sparky was a coach for the Padres in '69. Here's a shot that really could be from the same "shoot" as the pic on the card.

  3. Thanks Jere. But, the real question is, what day was the picture taken?

  4. Looks like spring training. Padres' first game was March 7th. Let's just say....March 1st. It's as good a guess as any until someone comes up with some further research.


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