Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I’m glad I don’t have a deadline

I had it working through my mind. With the Bruins losing last night, the eyes of New England would turn squarely on the Red Sox. There would be nowhere for them to hide. They needed to step up, and play like we know they can.

Then, the Bruins scored four more goals. And won.

Thankfully I didn’t have to make a deadline. I could simply scrap the idea, and move on. I’m glad I didn’t have to have a post half-written by then. I’m glad it was just something I was thinking of.

But, I guess it really doesn’t change things.

The Sox still need to step it up. Assuming, of course, that baseball is the sort of sport that you can step up in. Which, it isn’t. But, you get the idea.

What has gone wrong recently? Hard to say. It’s not like you can point to one thing. Some of the starting pitching had been poor. But, some has been downright stellar. Some of the hitters are going through some rough patches. Some aren’t.

I hate to keep harping on it. But, it’s just what happens. When you put it all together, you win. When you don’t you lose. You just need to score more runs than the other team in order to win. Hopefully, you do.

How do things look for this road trip? We’ll have to see. Obviously, being down two closers is rough. But, they have had some time to plan for it. They have had a few days to figure out who they have, and what they can do. They also had a much needed off day yesterday. If the pen is rested, it will allow everyone to be more effective.

Can the Sox beat the Rays, Twins, and ChiSox? Sure. Will they? Probably. Minnesota sure handed it to the Sox in Fenway. But, they’re not a superior team. Have to assume that some of that will come back to earth a bit.

What’s the rule I always look for? Win half your games on the road. So, can they go 5-4 on this trip? Certainly.

Can’t wait to see them try.

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  1. Being a Twins fan, I was awfully surprised at the outcome of that series. I do agree with you, the BoSox will likely hand it right back to my Twinkies at Target Field. They usually do.


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