Wednesday, May 1, 2013

From The Pedro Binder

1999 Ultimate Victory

I’m not quite sure what the point of this set was. I suppose it was Upper Deck tossing out a high end set. Well, at least high end for 1999. It certainly is shiny.

The overall look of the card is a good one. I love it when there is plenty of room for a picture, and this card certainly has that. The player’s name, team, and position are there, but still nicely tucked out of the way. The “Ultimate Victory” logo is a bit too prominent for my liking. I understand that the companies may consider their logo to be the most important part of the card. But, I certainly don’t agree.

The rest of the design does a great job of adding to the overall look, while still getting itself out of view. When looking at the card, it’s almost possible to miss the colored square behind the picture. But, it’s still strong enough to add visual appeal.

The picture chosen is a great, if unoriginal, shot. It shows Pedro ready to embarrass a hitter once again. He’s not making a goofy face, and doesn’t have any arms at odd angles. He’s just staring in at his target, ready to go to work. Seeing Pedro when he’s off the mound being a complete goofball, it’s always interesting that he’s capable of a face full of this much seriousness and concentration.

I guess that’s what makes Pedro Pedro. 

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