Thursday, February 14, 2013

From the Pedro Binder

2001 UD Black Diamond

Somehow, this card works for me.

I’ve always stated that my preference is to have a full photo on a card. But, I understand that variety isn’t a bad thing. So, I’ll allow it when card companies think outside the box a bit.

The problems with the card? I don’t like the sideways name. I don’t want to be tilting my head to read the player name. On the other hand, putting the name on the left hand side of the card makes it easy to see when a right-handed person flips through a stack. So, I guess that’s a plus and a minus. The position and team name are a little hard to see with the gold foil against the red background.

Let’s talk about that background for a bit. I stared at it longer than I should trying to figure out if the shadows were supposed to represent anything. I think it’s just a fancy design. As such, it certainly makes Pedro pop. It’s interesting because on the surface, it has a lot of terrible elements to it. If I was describing the card, and said it has a red background with a black mud puddle on it and a gold foil tire track running though the middle, it would sound terrible. But, it all manages to be unobtrusive enough to work well together.

Not bad at all.

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