Monday, February 4, 2013

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

That’s right. You only have until 12:36 PM tomorrow Feb 5, 2013 to enter the 2012 Section 36 Scavenger Hunt! There’s no more time to wait!

No more trying to get creative with the entries. It’s that last push. Draw something that kinda sorta looks like Wally. Tape a logo to a t-shirt. Use a Section 36 scorecard. Grab your father, or sister, or girlfriend and snap a picture. It’s time to get all the easy ones you’ve been leaving until the last minute.

Because, isn’t that the way it always works? You see something like that list, and immediately pick out ones you don’t need to worry about. You know you have a Red Sox pen in a drawer somewhere. You can leave that until the end. It’s the trip to Fenway that you need time to schedule.

Well, the end is near. Time to get cracking. Find those items. Email them to the section36 gmail account. Don’t be left out.

Take those pictures!

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