Wednesday, March 25, 2020

1975 Topps Page by Page: Page 15 (117-135)

I'm sure that you all remember that I finally completed my 1975 Topps set. 

Now that it's done I thought it would be fun to look through the set and talk about it. Going page by page seemed like a good way to go about it. Hopefully you find it interesting to read what I have to say.

How about we continue with page 15?

Red Sox Cards on the Page:  1. Bill Lee. Bill had a very good regular season in 1975, and had two no-decisions in the historic 1975 World Series.

Cards that make the 1975 Topps set cool: Naturally, 1975 World Series participants are always cool. While Driessen only had two plate appearances in the series, he makes two cards on this page from that series. Also, young cards of Hall of Famers are cool. I'm not sure the Phil Niekro counts as "young" since he was 36 in 1975. But, that did represent the midpoint of his 24-year career.

My favorite card on the page: Have to go with the Niekro. As someone who I remember playing, it's fun to think of him on a card from so long ago. 

What would your answers to those last two categories be?


  1. Cards that make the '75 set cool: On this page, it's Bill Lee, even before I knew who he was, this card was cool. Also, Charlie Spikes because his name is Charlie Spikes.

  2. Niekro and Harrah would be my favorites. I was just commenting on another blog that growing up Niekro always looked so much older than his age. It doesn't show too much on this card, but by the time I started collecting in 1981 he looked like he was 60 years old. As for the Harrah... he's a name I recognize plus I love seeing any 70's trading card with the Oakland Coliseum featured in the background.

  3. Monday is my favorite.
    Classic catcher pose of Hodges (Backup Catcher Hall of Famer) is one that make the set cool.


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