Tuesday, September 17, 2019

I Scored on July 15, 2000!

Here I thought we'd go back to the turn of the century, to a game that you might remember. Let's see what happened!

As always, my first stop is in the pitchers box. Did I get a Pedro game? Well, close. This game was started by Pedro’s brother, Ramon. It looks like he had a pretty good game, tossing a quality start while striking out four. He was followed the regulars from the pen, including Derek Lowe finishing it out.

What did the lineup look like? Dear god, look at that thing. Offerman was coming off an all-star season, and Nomar was Nomar. And I love Jason Varitek, but if he's your three hole hitter, you're probably in trouble. Of course the key to the lineup is the addition of Carl Everett. He was supposed to supply the needed punch in the middle of the order. While, he didn't exactly do on this day. Because he was ejected. In this second inning. For headbutting the umpire. While I will always contend that it was more of an accidental contact than a headbutt, he was out of the game and replaced by Daubach. Which, it turns out, ended up working out just fine.

The hero of the game? The aforementioned Daubach. When the Mets walked Nomar in the sixth (and, why wouldn't you?) Dauber made them pay. His three-run homer supplied almost all the runs the Sox would need on the day.

The goat? Other than Everett? I guess it has to go to Troy O’Leary. He was the only player, other than Everett, without a hit or RBI on the day. I'm sure the Sox wanted more from their playoff hero.

But in the end, it didn't matter. The Sox scored plenty of runs, and the bullpen didn't succeed in blowing the game. It was a successful day at the ballpark.

And the scorecard shows how it happened.

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