Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I like David Price

Typical EEIdiots this afternoon. 

They were discussing David Price. Apparently Red Sox fans don’t like him. That on its own was surprising enough. Hard to imagine Red Sox fans don’t like a good pitcher on their team. But then they went all-in. Red Sox fans don’t like him because of him. They WANT to like him, but Price makes it too hard. 

What the dickens is that?

Apparently Price isn’t allowing us to like him because he talks. They pointed that following his most recent start, he called himself the softest guy in the clubhouse. So, apparently Red Sox fans are now forbidden from discussing his fantastic start. The HAVE to talk about his comments.


Why are the EEIdiots claiming they have no choice but to talk about the negative comments (if you can call them that) as opposed to his positive start. Do they have no free will? Can’t they talk about whatever they want to talk about? 

And, while we’re on the subject, since when are self-deprecating comments a negative? Didn’t Dustin Pedroia literally build his entire career on making comments like that? 

So Price’s comments aren’t making it impossible for me to like him. I actually like him quite a bit…at least as far as I can like someone i’ve never been in the same room with. He seems like a good guy, and can be funny. That’s really all I’m looking for from a player off the field.

On the field? Even the EEIdiots agree there’s a lot to like there lately. He could team with Chris Sale to be a pretty potent 1-2 punch. It should be a lot of fun to watch as the season progresses. Apparently, you just need to allow yourself to enjoy it.

I’d suggest doing just that.


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