Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ease Up on Carson Smith

Yes. Carson Smith was an idiot. No, he didn't exactly do himself any favors. But, let's ease up on the team-killing distraction stuff,
shall we?

Since the Orioles are in town this weekend, let's play a little game. Remember when David Ortiz went nuts and smashed up a bullpen phone in Baltimore? What if he had sprained his wrist doing that? What if he said, I don't understand...I swing a bat every day. Our response would have been...not hitting a solid object you buffoon! And we'd be right. Or when a pitcher punches a wall with his pitching hand and breaks it. He's a moron. Of course you don't hit a solid wall! What the heck were you expecting?

Carson Smith was embarrassed. He said it was a fluke thing. But, he wanted to convey that his actions weren't "that" stupid. Every day he picks up a glove, and goes through his pitching motion with it. No, it's not the exact same thing as whipping it at the ground. But it's still using your shoulder to move a glove very fast. He's trying to convey how dumbfounded he is. This shouldn't have caused an injury. It's like if Ortiz had swung his bat at the air in frustration and pulled his shoulder. Would that have been stupid? 

So, yes, he was awkward. I'm guessing it wasn't a comfortable situation. I didn't see him reading from notes. Would it have been easier and better PR wise to just say I was stupid, and leave it at that? Maybe. People probably still wouldn't have left him alone. But, he felt he wanted to go one step further. He wasted to show that of all the ways he could vent frustration, he picked the one that he never imagined would cause him harm. He didn't punch a wall. He didn't break a bat on his knee. He didn't kick a water cooler. He threw something. 

A man who is paid millions of dollars to throw something, threw something. He threw something he often throws...or at least pretends to throw. How could he have known he would get hurt?

He was just trying to save face, a bit. It was clumsy. It was probably unnecessary.

It wasn't clubhouse wrecking.

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