Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Where to Begin

After all, I started writing three different blogs today, on three different topics. All had to be scrapped when the Red Sox made ANOTHER huge deal that needed to be discussed.

So, where to begin? How about the beginning.

The first deal was one I love. The Red Sox acquired Tyler Thornburg from the Milwaukee Brewers. They had to give up Travis Shaw, Mauricio Dubon, and Josh Pennington. I'll admit that Shaw was the only one I was all that familiar with. But, Dubon and Pennington look to be top 25 type prospects. The first thing that I thought was humorous was the reaction to losing Shaw. I know he was highly overrated his entire time with the Sox. But, if anything should tell you his value, it's the fact that the Sox had to add two more players (plus a PTBNL) to the deal along with Shaw just to get back a middle reliever. Perhaps the people who were considering him a star in the making were overreaching a wee bit? But, of course, the Sox didn't just get back a middle reliever. They got back an elite arm. Throw him in a bullpen with Kimbrel, Kelly and a healthy Smith? The Sox are going to be closing out some games in style, no matter who the starter is. If you can get a key addition to the major league club for a back-up third baseman and a couple kids, I have to love that. 

Oh, and speaking of starters, the Sox got one of those too. The best one they could. The Sox added Chris Sale to the tip of the rotation. (Or, heck, second or third maybe.) Of course, he didn't come cheap. Anywhere close to cheap. But, again, they didn't give away anything from the big club. Of course, you're not getting Chris Sale with a package headlined by Henry Owens. So, the Sox had to part with top prospect Yoan Moncada. It had to hurt a little, right? But, his name doesn't start with a "B" so I'm cool. The Sox also threw in Michael Kopech and his 105 MPH fastball, Luis Alexander Basabe, and Victor Diaz. Yup. Like I said, it needed to hurt. But, again, these were all minor leaguers, and in return the Sox got one of the best pitchers in the game.

Yes, the farm system is less stacked than it was before. But, you now the main reason the farm was a little thin? All the studs are in Boston. Benintendi, Betts, Bradley, Bogaerts, Vazquez are all in Boston. There's your youth. There's your future. Those guys are starring in Boston for the next few years. Why do you need more guys in the farm? You know what you needed? Another starter in Boston. So, trade what you don't need to get what you do. Sounds like the perfect plan to me. And, remember, not every prospect pans out. You know who does pan out? People who already have.

So, sure. Reliever are quirky as a group. And Sale can be a bit of a nut case. But, they've proven they can play at a very high level. And, now they're on the Red Sox. How does that not make you excited.





Heck, where were you putting the kids anyway? Isn't it better to take that potential talent for a spin and see what it gets you? After all, it just might get you an ace.

Or even another one.

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