Friday, December 23, 2016

List of 36: Airing of Grievances

1. Section 36 doesn’t have air conditioning
2. I didn’t get a GiftofSox
3. I don’t have 10,000 Twitter followers yet
4. David Ortiz retired
5. Opening Day isn’t until April
6. A vintage Babe Ruth Red Sox card is expensive
7. Clay Buchholz never showed us everything he had
8. People don’t like John Farrell
9. They Retired Wade Boggs’s number
10. I have writer’s block
11. I don’t have 1000 Instagram followers yet
12. I don’t have a Pedro Martinez jersey
13. The Red Sox haven’t won a championship in three years
14. I’ve never watched a game from the Monster seats
15. Koji Left
16. I can’t decide if Betts or Bogaerts is better
17. I didn’t get a 2016 media guide.
18. I haven’t completed my 2016 Topps Red Sox team set
19. Ted Williams autographs are expensive
20. I need to send more trade packages
21. The Yankees exist
22. I don’t have 1000 Facebook likes yet
23. Dustin Pedroia won’t stop talking
24. I’m out of t-shirts
25. My 1975 Topps set has made no progress
26. Betts didn’t win the MVP
27. I’m slacking on my scavenger hunt.
28. Spring training is far away
29. I don’t know who the fifth starter will be
30. I don’t like electronic tickets
31. I need more Snapchat friends
32. I need more stickers
33. David Price didn’t pitch well this season
34. I haven’t had a new visitor in a while
35. The Sox didn’t sign Mike Napoli
36. The Red Sox were swept out of the playoffs

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