Thursday, December 29, 2016

Twitter: Section 36 Feeling Social

Continuing the series of different way you can connect with Section 36, today I thought I’d touch on Twitter

I’m sure everyone knows what Twitter is. You’re probably also aware that you can find Section_36 there.

Twitter can do a lot of things. It's great at sharing information quickly. What it's not so good at is keeping information handy. It has a tendency to have information scroll past people very quickly. But, to get a burst of something out to a bunch of people, I find that Twitter is a handy way to go.

I have more people following the blog on Twitter than on any other social media site. That's great. Especially when considering the quick flashes I mentioned before.

So, what will you find if you follow Section 36 on twitter? First and foremost, you'll know when something new is posted. After I post something on the blog, the first thing I do is tweet out a link. So, followers on twitter get first crack at new material.

But, because of the quick timeline scrolls, I'm happy to remind followers of posts as well. So, I'll tweet out links to popular posts that day. Whether that's a new post, or one that's suddenly popular five years later. I'll also post links to posts that I think are relevant to the events of the day. The Sox trade for Chris Sale? Might be a good time to remind Twitter followers of a Sale post I may have done.  All that means that there's a good stream of reminders of great Section 36 posts you may want to check out.

Of course, it's not all just links! I'll tweet out any comments I may have about just about anything Red Sox related. Especially during games, or big events. I'll even sometimes toss out a comment about the other sports as well. (Although, most of those go here.)

I haven't used twitter for pictures very much. Maybe just for special occasions. But, that's something I plan to do more. Hopefully twitter will evolve to include a little bit of everything.

Which makes it more fun for everyone. Hope you agree.

Go follow Section_36 on Twitter now! 

(And, don't forget the blasted underscore.)


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