Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Instagram: Section 36 Feeling Social

Continuing the series of different way you can connect with Section
36, today I thought I’d touch on Instagram.

I’m sure everyone knows what Instagram is. You’re probably also aware that you can find Section 36 there.

Instagram is pretty appealing to me because, as I’ve often said, I love pictures. I love seeing pictures. I love taking pictures. So, a photo sharing app is just about perfect.

Section 36 uses Instagram in a few different ways. I don’t believe I’ve ever posted a reader submission on Instagram. All the pictures have been taken by me. Mostly I use Instagram for “I’d Rather be in Section 36” pictures. It’s a way I introduce some variety to the blog. I could post a picture of a beach, or a covered bridge, or a national monument. It’s a fun way to take the blog all over the world, and bring my followers along with me. It also means that if you like the blog’s Facebook page and follow along on Instagram, you won’t see very many pictures duplicated. So you have to do both if you want to enjoy the whole experience!

I’ll also post pictures from games, although hardly ever in real time. The “Insta” portion is pretty much wasted when it comes to Section 36. But, that still means there are plenty of pictures posted from Fenway’s best section.

Pictures don’t get posted on Instagram as often as Facebook, so your feed won’t be too cluttered if you follow along. It also gives yet another form of communication between you and the blog. Picures can be liked or commented on, and messages can be sent. Once again, communication is a wonderful thing.

Which makes it more fun for everyone. Hope you agree.

Go follow Section 36 on Instagram now!

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