Sunday, September 11, 2016

Will Miss America Rather Be in Section 36?

Tonight, all eyes will be on the Miss America competition. (Well, ok, during commercial breaks in the Patriots game, all eyes will be on the Miss America competition.) This year, Section 36 will be watching with heightened interest because we can't help but wonder, could the new Miss America possibly "rather be in Section 36"?

That's because for the first time ever, Section 36 has two horses in the to speak. Not one, but two former Section 36 visitors will grace the stage in Atlantic City hoping to win the crown.

Pretty cool, eh?

First, there's Section 36's most recent visitor, Miss Vermont Rylee Field.

During her visit with Section 36, Rylee mentioned she was looking forward to getting together with all her Miss America sisters, and giving it her all during the competition. I'm sure she's had a great week doing just that! Of course, we all wish her the best of luck tonight!

The other former visitor to Section 36 competing for Miss America is something completely unique. 

For the first time ever, someone who owns this amazing shirt will grace the Miss America stage. (I'm going to assume that she won't actually be wearing it onstage. But, I guess you never know.) Miss Massachusetts Alissa Musto has been a good friend of the blog for quite some time. In fact, she made her visit with Section 36 just after being crowned Miss Cambridge. (During that visit, she predicted that the Red Sox would go all the way this season. She's looking pretty good on that so far.) It wasn't until later that she advanced to Miss Massachusetts and made her way to the Miss America competition tonight. How amazing would it be to see Miss America wearing a Section 36 tank top? Best of luck to Alissa as she attempts to accomplish this!

So, we hope that all 52 young ladies competing tonight have an amazing time, and wish them all luck. But, we give special good wishes to the two former Section 36 visitors. Hopefully they'll bring the crown to Section 36!

Good Luck Rylee and Alissa!

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