Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I Can Wait

I can be a patient person. I know that waiting is not easy. Especially for some. But, I can relax and just wait for the good things to come.

Oh, sure, I would have preferred it if the Red Sox won their game last night. I mean, I certainly expected them to. I guess as much as you can "expect" any team to win a dozen plus games in a row. But, I could just feel it last night. They were on a roll. David Price was going to come up huge, and they would simply clinch the division. Get it all out of the way. 

Or, the Blue Jays were going to lose. After all, they just had that big brawl with the Yankees (yay for them) and were suffering the consequences. Worst case, the Sox wait for them to lose, and then clinch the division.

But, as we all know, that didn't happen. The Sox just couldn't hold on and New York pulled out a Yankee Stadium win. 

Here's the thing, though. You may have forgotten, but teams are allowed to lose. Good teams lose. Teams on an incredible roll lose. Sometimes, you just don't win. It doesn't mean you won't win again. It doesn't mean the Sox aren't the best team in the American League. It doesn't mean they won't clinch tonight. It just means they lost a game. The line-up is still incredibly powerful. Their top two pitchers are still as good as anyone's. They are still a ton of fun to watch. So be ready.

They'll probably clinch tonight.


  1. I would have loved to see Big Papi go deep last night and deliver one more magic moment but I think the baseball gods were busy with Dee Gordon and the Marlins. Sox still have two chances to clinch the AL east on enemy turf - and that's if they don't back into it with a Blue Jays loss - so I'm confident it will happen soon. :-)

    1. Oh, yeah. Each time Papi got up with runners all over the place, I was expecting the storybook finish. Especially in the ninth. It's like it was written that way...the Sox would clinch thanks to a Papi 9th inning homer in the Bronx. Maybe that's how it will end tonight.


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