Monday, August 25, 2014

From the Pedro Binder

Once again, I look at a card and think to myself, "People are actually complaining about the Topps monopoly?"

I'm trying to think of something I like about this card. I guess the picture of Pedro isn't terrible. But then they went any doubled and pixilated it. Why, exactly? They also put Pedro's name, position, and team on the card. But they wrote them sideways to make them as hard to read as possible. Then, just to mess with me, they wrote the team in a different direction. So, to read them both, I need to bop my head from side to side like I'm a Hanson brother. Just in case that was too easy, they wrote Pedro's name in foil. Again, just to make it even harder to read. Eventually card companies are going to realize that foil is illegible, right?

They did add a second (third?) picture of Pedro, apparently while he was serving time. Or behind a screen? Was there a point to that? Does it have anything to do with "gametime?" Yeah, I didn't think so either. Then there's the TV fuzz in the upper left. What is it adding to the card? Other than confusion.

So, I guess I didn't really find anything I liked about this card. That doesn't surprise me. Figured it would be tough. Sort of annoyed that I have to have it in the binder.

What do you think?

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