Thursday, August 7, 2014

From the Pedro Binder

2000 Topps Gallery

This was a nice attempt by Topps.

They decided to go in a different direction with this set. Or, at least a different direction for them. The name of the set “Gallery” calls to mind a fine painting. The card  itself has a canvas feel to it, adding to that impression. But, then they had the border bring the image of photo corners. And, the picture itself is nothing like a painting.

So, which is it?

Sure, pictures hang in galleries as often as painting do. But, why the canvas feel? What was Topps going for?

The utter confusion aside, Topps does a decent job of pulling the card together. The top border is way too thick. The only reason to make it that big is so that it will include the entire “Gallery” logo. That’s nothing to design a card around. The gold foil, obviously, doesn’t do anything for me either. I do like how nothing takes away from the picture. Sure, the photo corner border spills over just a little, but you can hardly notice. There’s nothing floating over the picture obstructing Pedro’s face, or anything like that. The picture is also fantastic. What a tight cropping job. It’s a perfect picture of his deadly circle change. If anything says “Pedro” it’s this picture.

It should be hanging in a gallery.


  1. You should do more "From the Pedro binder". I really like seeing all the different cards in your collection of the future HOFer.

  2. Thanks! Glad you're enjoying the series. I'll definitely keep going as long as there's something left in the binder.


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