Friday, August 15, 2014

From the Pedro Binder

2002 Donruss Diamond Kings

This card is probably what the Topps Gallery card should have been.

Not only does this card have the canvas look to it, but the picture is actually a painting. What a novel idea.

Of course, even getting the whole concept right doesn’t ensure a great card. What on earth is up with that logo? The fact that it’s foil makes it twice as bad, since it places a big silver blob in the middle of the card. It completely detracts from what was otherwise a very nice portrait of Pedro. If the logo was half its size, or tucked away like they did with Pedro’s name, team, and position, it would make the card much cleaner. Why do companies continue to insist that their logo is the most important part of the card? Is it because Donruss knew that they were flooding the market with 36 million different sets, and wanted to avoid confusion from set to set? Did they not think we’d recognize the Diamond King set when we saw it? What did the production meeting for this card design sound like? Was there an argument between people who wanted the logo bigger, and those who wanted it smaller?

The “smaller” argument should have won.

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