Saturday, July 12, 2014

In the Media Guide

In my collection, I currently have every Red Sox Media Guide dating back to 1998. I love flipping through them to see what tidbits they contain. I figured that if I liked it, you might enjoy taking a look along with me. So, I had a random number generator select a page from the 2009 edition to talk about today.

It went with pg 100

Page 100 is the second page of the entry for Angel Chavez.

Yup. Angel Chavez. He was a 27 year old infielder for the 2009 Red Sox organization. He never reached Boston, and was released after the season.

What tid-bits might we find on his page?

We see that in 1999 he made his pro debut in the Venezualan Summer League. He led that league in HR, H, 2B, and RBI. Not a bad debut.

We see that his only major league action came with the 2005 Giants.

The Phillies claimed him off waivers from the Giants, but then traded him to the Orioles.

He had 74 minor league homers when the Red Sox signed him as a minor league free agent. That;s not a bad total.

Of course, there's more great stuff on that page.

Just like every other page.

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