Monday, July 14, 2014

From the Pedro Binder

2000 Impact

There’s a lot to like about this card. Of course, there’s a lot not to like as well.

You probably guessed that I like the way the picture was handled. It was able to extend all the way to the end of the card. There’s no border to confine it. No limiting graphics. Everything is placed so that the picture can surround it.

The “Impact” logo is at the top, but still manages to float in the picture. Pedro’s name, position, and Red Sox logo are similarly allowed to be included in the picture, as opposed to being a hindrance to it. Even the brightly colored border doesn’t trim the picture away. The opaque quality allows your eye to follow the picture as far as it needs to go. Simple white lines give design, without being distracting. There’s no foil anywhere, so you can read the entire card without giving yourself carpal tunnel from all the twits and tilts to catch the light.

The picture is pretty standard. Pedro maki8ng a face as he prepares to embarrass a batter. Nothing too exciting about it, but nothing wrong with it either. I do like how you can clearly see his cut sleeve flapping in the breeze.

But, that border color? Really?

A sort of salmon reddish pinkish thing? Not quite the shade I would have gone with. But, that’s just me.

Or maybe it’s not. 

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