Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sox Lower Magic Number to 28!

So, does John Lackey think he’s being punished for something? It’s just uncanny how the offense does him in game after game. Either they don’t score enough runs to win and he ends up with a 2-0 loss, or they wait until he leaves the game to score so he doesn’t get the win. While I know he’s fine as long as the team wins, it was to be pretty frustrating. When was the last time he finished his outing with the lead?
It’s not like it’s the Pedro factor either. Farrell isn’t resting all his stars on the day he’s pitching assuming they only need one run. That used to kill Pedro. All the best players kept sitting because, after all, Pedro only needed two runs to win. And then the team of scrubs would go out and get shutout. But lackey isn’t getting that treatment. The team just likes scoring in double digits the day before he pitches, and then getting shut down when he’s on the mound. It’s unbelievable.
Certainly not a bad start to the homestand. Looks like the Sox are trying to help the Orioles out with the decision I mentioned last time. If the Sox sweep, it’ll go a long way towards making those games in September meaningless for the Orioles. At the very least, the Sox will be doing their part to help themselves in more ways than one.
Once again the Sox took advantage of the Orioles bullpen. While taking pitches and grinding out at-bats might not be the most exciting thing in the world, you can’t argue with the results.
I thought it was interesting after Jacoby Ellsbury came out of the game. The radio guys made a point to mention that he stayed in the game after hitting the ball off his foot, stole a key base, and motored home with a key run. Even though he had to leave the game (or maybe even because he had to leave the game) they though that sequence really showed his toughness. They actually used that word.
Jacoby Ellsbury’s toughness.
Now, my thoughts on playing hurt are pretty well known. So, I don’t care if Jacoby is tough or not. But, for the broadcasters to use those words was interesting. Suddenly they felt the need to stick up for Ells. They needed to reverse some popular thinking on his dedication? Is there a reason for that? Is the team realizing that he might be cheaper in free agency than they feared? Are they realizing that Jackie Bradley Jr. isn’t quite ready to take his place next year? Do they need to do some damage control? After years of leaking how “soft” he was so we wouldn’t mind it when they let him go to another team, do they need to change our minds so we don’t revolt when they give him big money?
Was that a glimpse into their plans?

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  1. I doubt it. Ellsbury seems tough when in a contract year. He needed to prove he could play a whole season again to get paid and some team will make him very rich this offseason. He's having a great year, which is good for the Sox. As for Lackey, maybe karma is getting him.


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