Sunday, August 18, 2013

From the Pedro Binder

2001 Topps ERA Leaders

I’ve talked about the 2001 Topps League Leaders cards before. I love the idea of putting the leagues on either side of the card. It allows each player to have a full card, but still allows Topps to keep the number of cards low. I hate, however, that it means the AL guy has to deal with all the legal/administrative junk on his card. This would be a great card to have different variations of, with each player taking a turn on the front.

I also love any card showing Pedro’s 2000 ERA. Although this isn’t as nice as the Vintage version that shows just how much better he was than everyone else. That “1.74” still screams out to you.

Otherwise, the card does a great job. The important stuff is front and center…Pedro and his ERA. The brand name is as unobtrusive as it can be. It has Pedro’s name, team, and position. (I suppose you could guess only a pitcher would lead his league in ERA, but it’s still nice to have.) Other than the logos and copyright information, it’s a clean looking card.

And a fond memory.

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