Monday, August 12, 2013

A Dodged Bullet or a Missed Opportunity?

 The Red Sox certainly had their hands full this weekend. They lost a series in Kansas City to the Royals, who find themselves playing pretty good baseball at the moment. Losing a road series is hardly ever a cause for alarm. Losing a road series against a decent team, even less so. It’s also nice because the Sox managed to increase their lead in the division. The Rays had an even worse weekend, as they got swept away by the Dodgers.

It’s that last part that has people a little crazy. What a missed opportunity! The Rays get swept, and you only add one game to the lead! That’s pathetic!

Why does nobody ever want to look at it the other way? How about, “Phew! You hit your rough patch, and still increased your lead!”

It’s all part of this insistence of not looking at an entire season, and understanding that there will be ups and downs. In the end, water will find its own level. Are the Red Sox a 95-win team or not? If they are, then they’ll end up with their 95 wins regardless of whether they win four in a row now, or in September. If they’re not, they’ll fall below that number whether they lose four in a row now or later. So, yes, the Sox only picked up one game while the Rays were losing to the Dodgers. But, if the Sox are what they are, wouldn’t you expect them to make up for that later? For instance, while they’re playing the Blue Jays? Aren’t the Sox going to lose and win some combination of games that will get them to 95 wins, or not? Why does the day by day comparison matter?  Do people think that this was their shot? The Rays lost some games finally, so the Sox needed to win more? Aren’t the Rays going to lose more games the rest of the year? The Rays have been having the best stretch of games in the league that last couple months, and the Sox still have their three game lead. Why are we worried about when the Sox pick up games?

As long as it’s before the season ends. 

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