Saturday, March 2, 2013

Collecting the Sox: Pens and Pencils

Finally, something to really write about.

Pens and pencils are another collectable that I don’t collect. I simply amass. I don’t go out of my way to get a Red Sox pen. I don’t buy a pencil just because I don’t have one. I just come by them, and don’t get rid of them when I do. I use them, for the most part. But, most of them are displayed with the rest of my Red Sox stuff.

I seem to get lots of them as gifts. Family members are notorious for slipping a pencil or two into another present to spruce it up just a bit. Sometimes when I’m at a game, my pen will run out during scoring. So, I’ll need to buy a new one to finish out the game. I even have a few pens that the Red Sox handed out at a game so we could fill out a survey. (Yes, the Sox had market research before the Henry group bought the team.)

Once I have them, they fun to collect. They serve a purpose. They’re colorful. They’re small enough that they’re easy to display. They sell holders for them all over the place, if you’re so inclined. What could be better?

They’re also nice as a collectable to seek out when you go places. I’ve mentioned before that for a while I collected pins from places I visited. I liked having a record of the placed I’ve been. But, they started to get expensive, and a bit hard to find everywhere. I’ve since moved on to baseballs. They seem to pop up everywhere I want to find them. The same can definitely be said for pens and pencils. Especially at ballgames. When I went to a Phillies game, they were even nice enough to give me a free Phillies pencil when I got my scorecard. It was perfect. I’m going to score the game anyway. Why not get a team pen or pencil to do it with? It’s a great way to collect a little history.

Anyone have a pen or pencil display in their house?

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