Sunday, March 31, 2013

The New Media Guide’s Here!

I say it every year. I love it when the new Red Sox Media Guide comes out. I also say every year that if you haven’t read one yet, you really should. It has everything you’d ever need to know about the Red Sox and its players right in one handy place. Sure, some of it is overkill in the age of smart phones. If you want to know where Brock Holt went to high school, or what Felix Doubrondt’s wife’s name is, you can probably do a quick internet search and find out. But, there’s still something to the presentation. It adds to it so it’s more than a collection of data.

The new media guide is always anticipated to see the entries for the new additions. I pretty much know what Dustin Pedroia’s entry will look like. It looks a lot like last year’s, with one more season added. But, what about Mike Carp? I don’t know anything about him. What does his entry say? Well, for starters, he led the South Atlantic League in hit-by-pitches in 2005. Huh. It’s even neater when the Sox add a veteran to the team. Those longer entries are just packed with info. Ryan Dempster’s entry, for instance, goes back to 1995 when he went 4-1 with a 2.38 ERA.

If nothing else, just look at all those smiling faces staring out at you from the cover. How can that not get you excited about the season?

Plus, now I know what Johnny Gomes looks like.


  1. I ordered my '13 Orioles media Guide. I collected those even when my baseball interest had faded in the '90s. I'm missing just two to have a complete run from 1954+

  2. Totally agree. Getting the new media guide is a very exciting thing indeed!

  3. I don't know how i went so long before finally reading one.


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