Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day!

As the World celebrates the wonder that is "pi" I thought it a good time to look at how the Red Sox are certainly hoping that nothing will pi their season.

This is especially important during Spring Training, as everything is getting ready for the long season ahead. From what I can see, there are three main suspects when you look at thing that could pi the team.

A clubhouse issue. The Sox were supposed to have taken care of that this off-season. every guy they signed is a supposed "character guy." So, hopefully that issue is nullified. But, you can certainly see how bringing in someone like Carl Everett could pi the team out of control.

The one that could be a big problem is an injury. The Sox are already dealing with that, when it comes to David Ortiz. With him out, Napoli probably DH's more. That means someone else has to play first. That means there has to be someone filling his spot. And, it goes on and on. So, even with one injury, you can see it starting. Another one would certainly pi the beginning of the year.

There are also off the field distractions that can pi the dugout. The Sox have done a good job so far of limiting those. There are no contract holdouts. No infighting between teammates. There was a DWI arrest, but that blown over a bit. But, if that arrest was Dustin Pedroia instead of a minor leaguer, it could certainly pi the day...if not the rest of the season.

So, as we reach the final weeks before the start of the season, we hope everything continues to be quiet. Hopefully everyone is able to plug along, getting their work in. Everyone can get in shape, or learn their roles. Everything will be nice and stable.

No need to pi anything at this point.

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